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Meet the Band...
Vivid Black is greater than the sum of it's parts, but we thought you might like to meet it's parts!
Theresa Wand - Lead Vocals

Theresa, Theresa, what can we say? The total package - voice, beauty, and personality! Theresa has played in many bands in the Denver area, and is the newest member of the Vivid Black team. When she sings, the whole crowd sings with her. Her enthusiasm is contagious!
Rick Russell - Bass Guitar and Vocals

"I grew up in the Seattle area listening to my brother play in a blues band next door. One night when their bass player did not show up they handed me his ax and I fumbled my way thru the night and have been playing ever since. I realize now that I could never stop playing as I enjoy playing live and couldn't imagine my life without all of the amazing friends that I have met thru playing in bands all these years."

Don DiMasi - Lead Guitar and Vocals

"I did my first gig at 12 years old, and later hit the road fulltime from '77 to '81. I moved to Denver and have played in various bands ever since. In one original band, we opened for REO Speedwagon, Eddie Money, Cheap Trick, Blackfoot, BTO, Pat Travers, etc. Completely obsessed with guitars and guitar gear, but still love Harleys and the occasional beer too."
Bryce Feist - Drums and Vocals

What do you get when you combine a clock, sticks, skins, and professionalism? Bryce. Years of experience and a passion for live rock performance makes Bryce tick like the time machine that he is.
Stan Monroe - Keyboards

Stan began playing classical piano at age 5. As a performer with many of Colorado's top country and rock bands, he has opened for bands such as ELO, Brad Paisley, and Lonestar. With a Bachelor's Degree in Music from the University of Texas and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Stan's hobbies include travel, writing, and everything related to science and philosophy. He is also the only living human being known to have ridden a 6 ft unicycle to the top of Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder.
Dean Gelo - Sound and production

Dean handles sound and production duties for Vivid Black shows. Drawing from his experience playing in bands as a guitar player and drummer, he's a man on a mission. Lucky for Vivid Black, Dean shares the same mission as the band - to bring the RAWK!!

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